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Is samsung-android really powerful???

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Is samsung-android really powerful???  Empty Is samsung-android really powerful???

Post by smenaria on Thu Jun 14, 2012 1:08 am

When I bought samsung-android phone after using symbian, I had many exeptations from it since it was biggest mobile selling company with world's famous mobile operating system. But soon my hopes washed away. It was not a miracle what a wished but just fog. Here are reasons:-

1.No Multi-tasking- A was shocked when I first time used the phone. I am playing angry bird, I am mid of a stage, suddenly I receive a mail I check mail and when I come back game restarts......I lost my progress. It is more annoying when I am on Internet. When I go to home and come back page reloads and even downloading stops manytimes. Actually it is not multi-tasking, it is just page swapping.

3. No call keys- If you first time use android it would take an half day just to learn how to connect and disconnect a call, reason? There is no keys to connect or disconnect phone.

3. No pc suit- There is not any reliable pc suit. There are many third party apps but they are crappy (even many in chinese).

4.Not fully touch- One more crappy thing. It is not fully touch. I have to press back and home button every time I need it.

5.Useless Buttons In Notification Bar- What bluetooth and wifi button does. When I need them I must have to go to setting to make bluetooth discoverable or to select wifi network.

6. Useless Multiple file option- When ever I try to open a file it will give me many options to open file with. Instead of it would be better if they have given a open with... button in menu (it is more horrible to disable default app in app manager)

7. Poor Battery Life- A powerful smartphone with 1200 mAh battery, Isn't it a joke? It won't last more then 7 hours. It annoying to worrying whole day about it's charging.

8. Low quality hardware- I would really miss camera and sound quality of my Nokia E71. Bigger size of photos do not matter if they are not clear.

9.Poor file mangement- When you insert your sd card in the phone it will create many folders in it. Making hard to find out your files.

10. No folders in Menu- I would again missed menu of Nokia which make my phone neat and clean. It is horrible to move between hundred of apps.

Finally, I wil not say samsung-android is a bad choice it is still better with tons of other features. But it still need some improvements. After spending 10k I will always accept perfect from them...

Is samsung-android really powerful???  4145-108420-a-movil-android

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