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Post by smenaria on Tue May 08, 2012 9:30 pm

The 'SB Creation Group' holds its liabilities about this site upto-
1. This disclaimer
2. Rules
3. Clearly mentioned as liability in any FAQ
4. Clearly mentioned as liability in any Post.

SB including its administrators, moderators and supermoderators (not includes users, guests or any other ) assume its liability only to site structure, post/message made by it or any post moderated by it.

Hence Sbcreations is an user based site, it does not hold liability about posts made by its users unless and extend to moderated by it.

We try to moderate any content whenever we recieve information about its objectionable behaviour. Since it is not possible for us to moderate every content on the site and thus ultimate liability about any objectable material, would be of posting user.

Change in any liability through this diclaimer or FAQ or Rule or Post may be made without any prior information.

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