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~Rules For A New Post (Thread)~

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~Rules For A New Post (Thread)~ Empty ~Rules For A New Post (Thread)~

Post by smenaria on Thu May 10, 2012 9:29 am

The following rules will be applied while creating a new thread-

1. The thread should be created in relevant Group (i.e. Story, poem, article etc.). Posting in irrelevant group will be deleted, moved or modified without any perior notification.

2. Have a light check before creating a new thread that such thread doesn't already exist.

3. No copyrighted material is allowed on site. If anyone post any copyrighted material then all liability would be of post maker not of SB. Even copy from this site is also not allowed without perior permmission of original user.

4. No Adult Material (i.e. Pornographic contets) are allowed on SB Posting such a material will attract strict action from SB.

5. Any content harrashing any religion, community, person, country or any other would not be allowed.

SB can Change, remove or add any rule above at any time and panelty of breaking any rule would be as per 'Panelty For Breaking Rules' section.

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