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Introduction Empty Introduction

Post by smenaria on Thu Oct 03, 2013 5:21 pm

[img]Introduction The_he11[/img]
'The Hell Lovers’ is a novel by SB Creation, written by admin K. Menaria. The novel is divided into three parts-
Swastika (Story)
This novel is about two saviors (Defender) of paradise Swastika & Jeet. Swastika falls in love with princess of the hell during their amity visit to hell. Here they found that people of The Hell are not as bad they thought.  Afterwards they mesh in a conspiracy and sent to hell for imprisonment for murder of prince of the hell. They are hated by everyone including princess for murder of his brother. Meanwhile they come to know that Devraj Indra is ordered by god to finish the hell.
Will they be successful to save The Hell?  
Will the savior of paradise fight against it?
 Will they fight against the god for their love?

Basically The Hell means a place where someone gets punishment for his sin (As per the Vaid/bibil).
But here it has a tropical use. It means “A person you love but it doesn’t love you back.” 
Here 'Love' Means-
L- Like
O- Once
V- Value
E- Ever
Even it is yours or not.
Love is not just an affection or a desire to get something but rather than it is a sacrifice. A sacrifice to leave away someone whom you love most, just to ensure he/she is happy. Loving someone when it is yours is called affection but loving someone even when it is not yours called the love.
The Hell lovers
Thus 'The Hell Lovers' Means, "Loving someone even when it does not love you and even it hates you."
'The Hell Lovers' is a feeling. A feeling to love someone even when you know it will not be successful, even when you are not loved and even when you are being hated...
The ‘Swastika’ is a Hindu holly sign used as ‘Speed of God’. Swastika is a Sanskrit word made by two words ‘Su’ (good) and ‘Astik’ (doer) means ‘Some which does well’.
But in the novel word ‘Swastika’ has a different meaning. It is a mediator of ‘Astik ’(theist) and ‘Nastik’ (Atheist). ’Astik’  is a person which has a firm belief in god and who assumes that everything what will happen will be done by god. He depends on his luck and believes nothing can go beyond the luck which is written by god. ‘Nastik’ is person who doesn’t believe in god. He believes that there is no god. We are free to do what we love.
But ‘Swastika’ is person who believes in himself. Who believes that there is luck but it written to destroyed us and if we want to survive we have to change.  It does believe in god but it doesn’t need any statue or mediator to contact god because it believes that god is inside us. 

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